Austin 5
Austin and Dranard
Some attributes
First Favorite Color: Pink
Second Original Monster: Dranard
Third Friends: Brian Tae, Sophia, Sean, Gabriel, Nathan, Thomas, Cletus
Other attributes
Fourth Powers or Weapons: None
Fifth Personality: Happy
Sixth Monsters: Dranard, Wingopteryx

Austin is the main character of the Monster series, and is the leader of the Monster Crew. He was also the one who united the Monster Defenders. He has a group of six friends he journeys along with.                                                

The first five friends that Austin met are Brian Tae, Sophia, Sean, Gabriel, Nathan. Then after a Monster invasion, a mighty hero, and also 8th gym leader named Thomas comes to rescue the Monster Crew. Austin's main goal is to help his friends and try to catch all the monsters he can. Austin is eager to choose Dranard, the fire-type dragon as his starter. Dranard was naughty and quirky and did not listen to Austin at first. He then met up with Brian Tae and decided to have a battle with him. Brian Tae ended up beating Austin because Dranard ignored Austin during the battle. Then the two tamers join up and adventure. Since Brian Tae was already a tamer, he decided to give Austin a few Monster Gems to catch monsters. Brian Tae encountered a Coyaos, and caught it to see how it would feel to catch a monster. Soon after walking through Route 2, Austin encountered a wild Quirnut and Dranard finally used Scratch, and caught the wild Quirnut, Soon Austin made more friends, like Sophia during a gym battle, Sean during a secret agent stand off, Gabriel during a basketball event, and more. Austin will soon capture more monsters to reach his goal.