Harry seems smart, wise, and makes wise choices. Athough he is the smartest, he is not that storng, but is a good strategist.

Harry Human

Harry in Human Form.


His starter is Harpol,while evolving it at level 30 and finally at level 60.

Ultra CrystalEdit

Harrys Ultra Crystal: A True Healer, lets him heal himself 20% health overtime.


From the valleys of Monster World, Harry was known for his wisdom. He was kind of like the Oracle. One day Radius invaded his place, giving him amneisa, losing all his wisdom. Harry had no idea what was going to do. Austin had come, being to late. Austin recruited Harry as a Monster Defender as a healer for his team.


Double Thrust

  • Harry get two hands and smash his foe

Recharge Punch

  • Harry's recharge punch give him 30+ health everytime he punches


Twice the Number

  • Harry thrusts another time
  • 650 coins to unlock

Nurse Punch

  • Punch now heals Harry 50+ more health
  • 825 coins to unlock

Controled Revive

  • Harry launches a signal of his punch to damage enemies and get health
  • 920 coins to unlock

Two Fists

  • Harry now uses both hands to punch getting x2 more health
  • 1060 coins to unlock

Stealing Health

  • Harry's punch gives him additional health which lets him steal enemies health
  • 1200 coins to unlock

Healing Master Path

Fully Revived

  • Harry punch now has x3 more health, giving him about 75+ health
  • 1460 coins to unlock

A Greater Punch

  • Harry can perform 2 punches at the same, and holding the second fist can do massive damage
  • 1620 coins to unlock

Signal Beam

  • Holding the thrust attack lets Harry blast a little beam
  • 1880 coins to unlock

Robbing Health Path

Twice The Better

  • Harry now controls two controled signals
  • 1460 coins to unlock

Homing Signals

  • After performing Controled Revive, Harry summons two homing signals that explode when blasting on the ground
  • 1620 coins to unlock

Atomic Blastoffs

  • The signals Harry summon doing bigger explosion damaging opponents around the explosion
  • 1880 coins to unlock

Ultra Crystal: A True Healer

  • Harry gets healed 20+ health over time


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  • His smiley face shirt is smart.
  • Harry is one of the two characters who wears glasses, including Ethan.
  • Harry is roommates with Brian Tae and Sebastian.