These are the listed levels in the games.

Monster Defenders LevelsEdit

Level 1: Monster High

Level 2: Prarie Field

Level 3: Auroma Yard

Level 4: Phantom Forest

Level 5: Forest Hydra Attack

Level 6: Junkyard Isles

Level 7: Golden town

Level 8: Yellowfields

Level 9: Haystack Lake

Level 10: Hay Golem Disaster

Level 11: Tundra

Level 12: Arrowhead Lake

Level 13: Iceberg Tower

Level 14: Aurora Bluefires

Level 15: Galice Rampage

Level 16: Gygabyte World

Level 17: Data Base

Level 18: Electric Pits

Level 19: Enemy Headquarters

Level 20: The Legend of Mart

Level 21: Hidden Island

Level 22: Robot Village

Level 23: Black Base

Level 24: Radius Territory

Level 25: The Evil Trio

Level 26: Radius Throne @

Final Level: Radius Boss Fight @

Bonus Level: Eruption @

@ = You can't access these levels until you have every defender on the team.

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