Matthew in Human Form with Mist Dragon and Paradise Dragon.

Matthew is known for being scared, frightened, and not persevering. Although he is a scardey cat, he is sometimes brave and fierce in battle. He knows what to do in certain situations. Plus he is really a hacker in Monster.


His original monster is Tarezite, then evolving to Taremite at level 65 and finally Tarebite at level 86.

Ultra CrystalEdit

Fire Shield, which gives him more defense during battles.


Matthew was a gamer, playing Call Of Duty, Halo Reach, then one day, he got red ring of death. Matthew called the Game Hut, but was secretly a teleporter. He teleported Matthew to Dragon Farm, where he learned all about dragons. He learned the way, and used them in battle. One day, Radius hacked into Dragon Farm, and summoning Hydra, scaring Matthew so much that he got so scared. Matthew is freaked out from now on, but he is still a gamer.


Dragon Summon

  • Matthew summons a Paradise Dragon and a Mist Dragon to attack

Flame Throw

  • Matthew gets fire from Paradise Dragon and throws it.


Fierce Dragons

  • Dragons do increased damage
  • 650 coins to unlock

Two Fireballs

  • Matthew lobs fire from both dragons now
  • 825 coins to unlock

Flamethrower (Upgrade)

  • Matthew uses Paradise Dragon to breath fire.
  • 920 coins to unlock

Aimed Throw

  • Matthew aims before lobbing hte fireballs
  • 1060 coins to unlock

Beserk Dragons

  • Dragons do more increased damage
  • 1200 coins to unlock

A Master Flamer Path

Double Flamer

  • Matthew throws fireballs 2 times in a row
  • 1460 coins to unlock

Misty Flames

  • Matthew throws fireballs from both dragons
  • 1620 coins to unlock

Maximum Flame

  • Fireballs now do maximum damage
  • 1880 coins to unlock

Flamethrower Path

Misty Flamethrower

  • Mist Dragon breathes flames
  • 1460 coins to unlock

Ultra Fire

  • Flamethrower does increased damage
  • 1620 coins to unlock

Combo Flame

  • Both Mist Dragon and Paradise Dragon flames make a green strong flame
  • 1880 coins to unlock

Ultra Crystal: Flame Shield

  • Matthew has a little fire shield


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Picture GalleryEdit


  • His smiley face shirt is frightened.
  • Matthew is roommates with Kofi.
  • Matthew is also known as a gamer, and gets a lot of trouble with his game system.
  • He likes [1] Halo Reach.