Thomas in Human Form.

Thomas is extreme, feels awesome, and is happy to be alive. He likes to brag about how cool his cape is and is actually a very good fighter. Although he is occasionally known for making bad choices. He is always glad to save the day.


  • DragoCool evol. 1 when you unlock him.
  • DragoExtreme evol. 2 at level 60
  • DragoAwesome evol. 3 level 85

His original monster is DragoCool, then evolves to DragoExtreme at level 60, and finally to DragoAwesome at level  85.

Ultra CrystalEdit

Aura Sphere, which lets him hold Extreme Blast to perform a much powerful one.


Thomas was a hero to Monster and Monster World. Until Radius took a end to him, ruining his life and everything he did therefore, making him one of his minions. When Austin heard about this, he went to defeat Radius and Thomas, being heroic to Thomas and himself. They are both reliable to each other now, and Thomas has joined the Monster Defenders to return the favor.


Cape Slam

  • Pin the desired enemy down with his cape causing some damage.

Flight of the Awesomeness

  • Thomas can fly for a short time

Infinite Attacks


More Cape, More Gain

  • Cape Slam does increased damage
  • 654 coins to unlock

Faster Flight

  • Thomas can fly faster
  • 825 coins to unlock

Hover Mode

  • Thomas can hover in the air
  • 920 coins to unlock

Extreme Blast

  • Thomas blasts a little aura fireball
  • 1060 coins to unlock

Compressed Flight

  • Thomas can fly for longer time
  • 1200 coins to unlock

The Awesome Flyer Path

Endured Flying

  • Thomas can fly for unlimited time
  • 1460 coins to unlock

Aura Pound

  • While Thomas is in the air, he throws himself on the ground, spreading compressed aura that surrounds him
  • 1620 coins to unlock

Shockwave Zoom

  • When Thomas is in the air, he can zoom, surround him with a shockwave that damages enemies
  • 1880 coins to unlock

Extreme Blaster Path

  • You can control where Thomas launches the blast.
  • 1780 coins to unlock

Powewful Energy

  • Extreme Blast does increased damage
  • 1460 coins to unlock

Blasts in the Air

  • Thomas can perform energy blasts while flight
  • 1620 coins to unlock

Awesome Blasts

  • Extreme Blast does maximum damage
  • 1880 coins to unlock

Ultra Crystal: Aura Sphere

  • While holding Extreme Blast, Thomas can perform a much more powerful energy blast


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Picture Gallery       Edit


  • His smiley face shirt is extreme. Some say it's cool.
  • Thomas is roommates with Ethan.
  • Thomas is the only Monster Defender with a cape.
  • Aura Sphere is based on [1] (Lucario's) attack.
  • He is the only defender to have a picure of all three of his monster evolutions.
  • He is th 8th gym leader.