Sorry guys, I haven't been on my wiki since, and there has been a lot of things happening to me lately.

1. I just got a dog, and it is causing a lot trouble. Right now it just pooped twice in the kitchen.

2. Sports. Good thing: They've been giving me ideas of sport games. Bad thing: I get injured alot. I get fouled at basketball, hit in the face and the you know what in tennis, and bicycle and scooter tricks.

3. Friends. While I hang out with my friends, there is always a lot of things going on with me and my friends: Arguments, ideas, time, etc.

4. Travelling. I have to travel to a lot of places, like one time I had to drive to North California just to get my dog.

5. Ideas. Sometimes when I make my characters and monsters, I think: Are they really good enough, do I need more detail, is another game somebody else made going to beat mine, do I need a different computer? I need to order things.

6. School and Future Plans. I have a lot of algebra and english, so I don't really have much time to do anything.

Well, sorry guys, this is why I'm not on here lately.